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2017 marks a historic year where we will together begin building the Shree Krishna Haveli. This year we will particually need 265 incredible families or individuals to donate just over £4  day for 10 years.

Please be a part of history and make a pledge.

The total cost of the project is £9.6 million

Donations Plans

What you can do to help
Dharma Rakshak
£50,000 over 3 years
£521 a month (over 8 years)
£25,000 over 5 years
£208 a month (over 10 years)
£15,000 over 3 years
£125 a month (over 10 years)
Dharma Adhikari
£125,000 Creche
£108,000 Classrooms
£108,000 Gardens
£108,000 Playground
£108,000 Tulasi House
£108000 Preschool
Dharma Sevak
£500,000 Radharan’s Kitchen
£500,000 Welcome Centre
Dharma Shiromani
£1,500,000 Kirtan Hall
£1,500,000 Prashad Seva Hall

The Haveli is the house that will forever sing out the glories and teachings of Shree Krishna, passing culture, traditions and the life of bhakti to each new generation. It is the completion of Srila Prabhupada’s dream for Bhaktivedanta Manor. And as Prabhupada blessed George Harrison back in 1973 for giving shelter to us, so too will he bless us with the eternal shelter of Lord Krishna for giving shelter to our next generation by building the Shree Krishna Haveli.

If you would like to give a one-off donation, please use the online form bellow.

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